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Release agent for many food and industrial applications

Molykote 316 Silicone Release Spray is a heat-stable, silicone anti-stick agent. Effective in solving a wide range of sticking or adhesion problems, it can be used in many industries.
The silicone film formed by Molykote 316 Silicone Release Spray resists breakdown due to oxidation, which can leave carbonaceous residues or gummy surfaces. Once dried, it has low volatility at temperatures up to 199°C (390°F).

For food and beverage industry processing:
• Reduces build-up on heat seal bars, resulting in increased heat transmission and sealing speed; reduced package discoloration; reduced cleaning time
• Releases evaporated milk and powdered milk from evaporator and preheater tubes
• Reduces adhesion of residues on heating coils and cooking kettles
• Helps prevent seizing and jam-ups of conveyor guide rails and scrambler tables
• Facilitates the release of frozen vegetables and fruits from tray and freezer filling spouts
• Reduces adhesion of dried foods (dates, tea cubes, etc.) to drying trays and large cheese wheels to storage shelves
• Hastens the removal of dried food from stove burners and ovens; helps prevent adhesion of grease; makes cleaning stainless steel fixtures and counter tops easier
• Helps prevent glasses from sticking to cooling cones of glass frosting equipment
• Helps sugar release from processing and packaging equipment such as guides, dispensing chutes, table tops, and drying trays

In high-speed rotary letterpress printing:
• Increases metal release from tail sheets
• Allows saw blades, saw tables, and storage trays to work more smoothly
• Reduces sticking of conveyors, pulleys, and valves

In the bindery industry:
• Reduces build-up on glue pots and paste jars
• Makes tables and cutter surfaces slippery, so paper magazines, books, and bundled newspapers can be handled easier

For flexography applications:
• Helps prevent ink from creeping onto idle rollers used in printing gift wrap, multi-wall bags, and similar applications

In addition to specific industry-related uses, Molykote® 316 Silicone Release Spray also:
• Helps prevent glue from adhering to walls of containers; makes it easier to remove dried glue from equipment
• Promotes removal of hosiery from boarding forms
• Makes ironing easier by reducing friction on hand irons and pressing equipment
• Provides for smooth, easy cutting and reduces binding when applied to the cutting edges of tools; reduces clogging of saw teeth when sawing gummy woods or non-ferrous metals
• Provides for smoother, faster materials handling on chutes, tables, and rollers


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